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Tier 1 APAC operator chooses Subscriber Interaction Manager

Tango Telecom, the leading provider of Data Monetisation Solutions, today announced that a Tier 1 operator in APAC is implementing its new Interactive Collect Messaging service to capture new revenues and enhance subscriber satisfaction.  The Interactive Collect Messaging service, powered by the Tango Telecom Subscriber Interaction Manager, facilitates the successful delivery of mobile messages which are normally undelivered due to the sender’s lack of credit. The service allows the friends and family of out-of credit subscribers to pay to receive their messages. 

“These undelivered messages represent a huge revenue potential for operators as millions of messages go undelivered each day due to lack of subscriber credit.  The Subscriber Interaction Manager provides a subscriber-centric solution that positively impacts both on the subscriber’s digital experience and on the operator’s bottom line.  It’s a win-win,” explains Mayoor Mahendra, COO, Tango Telecom. “The Interactive Collect Messaging service is the first of a new generation of highly interactive and personalised digital services enabled by our Subscriber Interaction Manager.”

The Tango Telecom Subscriber Interaction Manager is a key application of the Tango Telecom Data Retail Engine (Tango DRE™).  The Tango DRE drives service velocity and subscriber engagement to successfully monetise the growing demand for innovative personal digital services while optimising existing network resources.

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